A Little Ado About Nothing

Jade Christy is a self-proclaimed romantic.  She loves literature, anything Disney and spending weekends at the beach.  A native Angelino, Jade has lived in a Los Angeles Suburb most of her life.  She studied at UCLA and graduated with a Bachelor’s in American Literature and Culture.  After travelling around and a number of pointless jobs, she is in the process of achieving her Master’s in English and hopes to become a High School English Teacher, Community College Professor or both.

Jade is passionate about a number of areas in her life.  First, growing up with two disabled siblings allowed her to develop a soft spot for the cause and she now works in Special Education at a local high school.  Second, Jade believes that academics play a vital role in the development of a well-functioning and enlightened population.  She encourages kids to take their own unique view on the world and to never stop learning and developing their own philosophies about life, love and happiness.

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